Favorite Scarlett Johansson Photos. (x)

Favorite Scarlett Johansson Photos. (x)

With such a hell in your heart and your head, how can you live? How can you love?

—  Fyodor Dostoevsky, from The Brothers Karamazov   (via infinitehallucination)

street style, Esther Quek, Milan


INSPIRATION - lady armor 

for the females that go to battle amidst leagues of men, who are not afraid to wear their sex with pride, and whose blows sting with a venomous fury provoked by years of repression. they are dangerous, and not to be undermined unless one wishes to hear their scream echo across the vast plains while their blood is used to paint the ground scarlet. 


Characters of the Silmarillion

Fingon the Valiant [Findekáno] : the eldest son of Fingolfin and Anairë, the High King of the Noldor in Middle-earth during the First Age. 


No one has ever believed in me as much as the guy that greets you at every pokemon gym.

You don’t know how to be touched. You don’t know how to be loved. You are lonely and yet you push away anybody who tries to get close. You are a ship going under because you cannot stop pouring water onto your hull. And I am the bucket that will never be big enough to hold all of the drowning in you.

Just So It’s Clear | Lora Mathis (via clumsiest)

Xena and I have a connection, it’s stronger than either one of us.


fact: i will never stop talking about dragon age


i’m so pissed that i’m not a hot girl











oMFG I just came downstairs and I found my sister with a lighter and I told her she can’t use fire and that it could catch the house on fire. She said that she was doing something important so I asked “what the hell is so important that you need fire for!?” and she told me with serious face ” I am using black magic to summon demons to get the mean girls at my school.” i can’t fucking breathe. I sat and watched her ritual hahahahaha shes fucking 10 years old 

This should be a wake-up call to her parents.

She obviously needs help.

Her parents should to talk to her about those mean girls,

and teach her that she can’t summon demons with just candles.

You need at least a pentagram drawn in a perfect circle

with goat or lamb blood,

and a proper incantation from a book of dark magick.

This is great way to to teach your child early on

about geometry and foreign languages.

Good art lesson too. Drawing perfect circles is hard


Actually I find this girl fantastic. Ending bullying one curse at a time.

She might want to hold off on summoning demons until she’s a bit more mature but yes curse those fuckers you go, girl 

Now hang on, just hang on a moment there. Let’s make one thing clear right now:

There is not a goddamned thing wrong with calling on someone bigger and stronger then you for help if need be. 

If that stronger someone just happens to have tentacles and two-foot-long fangs, well, that’s more the problem of certain mean girls, I’d say. 

Here kid, i drew you a new pal. You summoned a demon, you got one. Sorry i couldn’t put more time into this sketch but his name is Bill.

I love everything about this post

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